Kocamak, yaşlanmak, ihtiyar olmak. * Mısır'da firavunlar zamanından kalmış piramit şeklindeki mezarların beheri. * Geo: Mahrutî şekil, piramit

Yeni Lügat Türkçe Sözlük . 2009.

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  • ḤEREM — (Heb. חֵרֶם), the status of that which is separated from common use or contact either because it is proscribed as an abomination to God or because it is consecrated to Him (cf. Ar., ḥaruma, be forbidden, become sacred ; ḥaram, holy precinct ;… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HEREM — nomen viri. Esdr. c. 10. v. 31. Lat. anathemasive reticulum, vel dedicatum sc. Deo …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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  • herem — Seph. /khe rddem/; Ashk. /khay rddeuhm/, n. Hebrew. the most severe form of excommunication, formerly used by rabbis in sentencing wrongdoers, usually for an indefinite period of time. Also, cherem. [herem lit., banishment] * * * …   Universalium

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  • ḤEREM BET DIN — (Heb. חֵרֶם בֵּית דִּין, ban of the court ), the shortened and accepted form of ḥerem bet din ha gadol. This was the social and legal concept and takkanah originally prevailing in Western and Central Europe that gave to the court of the local… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ḤEREM HA-YISHUV — (Heb. חֵרֶם הַיִּשּׁוּב, ban on settlement ), the concept, takkanah, and institutions pertaining to the corporate right of regulating settlement in many communities which existed in certain countries in the Middle Ages and early modern times.… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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